To bring robotics, AI and innovation into everyday logistics.

Improve people's lives and experiences by enhancing logistic operations.

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Who we are and where do we come from?

Synkar is a Brazillian-Canadian Startup, focused on robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Synkar emerged from Data-H team members in 2017. Matheus Theodoro and Evandro Barros joined forces with Lucas Assis to give birth to a novel idea for real-life automation. The efforts and knowledge of our founders were the key to the development of Synkar and to mould the company's mission: to bring robotics, AI and innovation into everyday logistics.

From the first project, the automatization of a tug vehicle for heavy load transportation, the team competence, innovative thinking and application of cutting edge technology are fundamental elements of Synkar's development.

Why go autonomous?

Delivery is emerging as an essential service in the customer-centric economy. Companies are seeking increasingly customized customer service. However, the availability and cost of drivers are the main impediments in reaching scalability.

At the same pace, several municipalities are starting to offer convenience services, like Snow-Removal and Lawn-Mowing, for elder or disabled populations. These services also suffer with the diminishing availability of drivers and workers, limiting its scalability.

Synkar aims to supply these emerging markets using a Robot as a Service (RaaS) model, offering affordability and scalability to Closed-Communities, In-Company Delivery Services, B2C Delivery APPs and Public Maintenance Services.

Same Ecosystem, Different applications

We offer customizable operation with our adaptive API (SARA) and with our robots. Different features can be selected at both software or hardware level, resulting in highly adaptable operations. Not only that, but proprietary features can also be implemented, adding value to our partner's process.

Competitive Advantage

Our developed platform is based on two main pieces: our robots and the API.

Our robots are capable of adapting to various types of tasks, and currently in the process of obtaining property registration and patenting. Their main characteristics are:

  • low-cost platform (60% cheaper than our competitors);
  • an advanced navigation system based on artificial intelligence techniques (embedded deep learning is one of the biggest challenges nowadays);
  • a camera-based system which is the result of many years of scientific research

SARA is a highly adaptive API, brain of Synkar's ecosystem and manager of our fleet. The software not only comes with many built-in features, such as robot's telemetry and 'health' monitoring, but it also allows our partners to develop their own proprietary functionalities.

Events and Showrooms

Synkar was well received with its innovative solutions in several international events all over the world. In our most recent participation, we were recognized as one of the 20 most innovative startups in the world's most important urban mobility event - MOVE 2020.

Motor Show 2018 - São Paulo / BR
Move 2020 - London/UK
Collision 2019 - Toronto/CA

Business Model - Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Synkar offers its robotic fleet with subscription plans. Partners are also able to customize the operation and build functionalities on top of SARA.

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