We offer a complete ecosystem that handles our partner's demand. Get to know more of our work below.


Our robots

Let us understand how our vehicles work using the four steps below.

1. Sensing:

Our robots are designed with several cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors to collect information about the environment.


2. Perception:

The Perception Stack does semantic segmentation, object detection and depth estimation. As a result we obtain a highly detailed understanding of the vehicle's surroundings.


3. Mapping and Localization:

On the set up phase, the Mapping Stack uses the perception information to generate a multilayered map of the environment, indexing all relevant sensory information. During operation, the Localization Stack takes over, using the saved map to improve the understanding of the robot’s position.


4. Navigation:

Finally, the results of the before steps are combined to create a virtual model of the world. Our robots use that to plan their routes and react to people, vehicles, and obstacles on the environment.


Synkar Adaptive Robot API - SARA

SARA is a highly adaptive API, brain of Synkar's ecosystem and manager of our fleet. We understand that every operation is unique, and we provide to our partners a safe and secure software that adapts to their needs. The main characteristics of SARA are:

1. Simplicity:

The API comes with standard functionalities that enables our partners to generate requests to the fleet and to control certain parts of the operation. For example, controlling the status of the electronic lock in the cargo area.

2. Fleet information:

We understand that feedback information about the fleet is not only desired, but it can also be imperative in some applications. That is why SARA provides a very complete status information about the vehicles, such as current task situation, telemetry data and “robot’s health”.

3. Adaptability:

SARA can also be adapted to specific demands, working as a framework where our partners can develop their own proprietary functionalities. The customization adds value to our partner’s operation and product by generating a unique experience with our robots.

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